Preventive care – stays


Most of us are aware of the need to invest in education, but an investment in health is a term that has begun to be promoted in our society only recently. We are aware that with suitable prevention, many of our patients would not have to end up in the operating room or limit their activities for a long term, change jobs, etc.

Why choose us?

Our Rehabilitation Institute has a long tradition and rich experience in the treatment of patients following injuries and operations of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. We want to put these experiences to use and offer solutions to all of you who want to do something for your health. We are an accredited medical facility with a certificate of quality obtained from the United Accreditation Commission of the Czech Republic. The Institute employs doctors working in the fields of rehabilitation and physical medicine, orthopaedics, surgery, as well as professionals with university, higher vocational, and secondary educations. The high level of patient care is provided by the further systematic training of the Rehabilitation Institute employees. The facility offers continuous medical service.

For whom?

We offer reconditioning and relaxation stays that are suitable for clients with musculoskeletal problems caused by everyday overload (physical and mental) in employment, sports issues and problems that come with age. These stays are suitable for managers, athletes, and others who seek an active form of relaxation and recovery of their physical and mental strength. This offer also applies to private businesses and organizations that are not indifferent to the health of their employees.

Hotels and restaurants

We offer accommodations in several modernly furnished single or double rooms. The room amenities will satisfy all those interested in using our services (wheelchair accessibility, private shower and toilet, TV, radio, refrigerator, telephone, etc.). Meals are served in an elegant dining room directly in the building.


The objectives of preventive reconditioning and relaxation stays: • improve physical and mental condition (feeling of total well-being) • practice correct movement patterns (stereotypes)


Program and prices of individual stays: 

  • Individual visits include a balanced composition of treatments (additional treatments may be purchased based on the current price list – must be ordered at least 2 days before the scheduled date of arrival!)
  • Further accommodations must be added to the base price of the stay according to the selected type (1/1, 1/2) and selected meals (full board, types A, B, C)
  • You can place an order in writing, by telephone (+420 465 544 031) or e-mail to

The complex offers:
A Café
Seating along the Colonnade
A large spa park
Bicycle hire

More Options
Sport recreational activities in the area such as hiking, biking, tennis courts (2 km), aquapark (12 km), indoor swimming pool (12 km), bowling (7 km), and horseback riding available. Memorial Hall and Memorial to J. A. Comenius on site - photo

Weekly reconditioning and relaxation stays

Length of stay: 7 days (always starting on Monday between 13-15:00, ending after lunch the following Monday).


Weekend reconditioning and relaxation stays

Length of stay 3 days (always starting on Friday between 13-15:00 – the RHB procedure may begin immediately at 15:00, ending on Sunday after lunch).


Extended weekend reconditioning and relaxation stays

Length of stay 4 days (always starting on Thursday between 13-15:00 – the RHB procedure may begin immediately at 15:00, ending on Sunday after lunch).


Where to find us?

Lázeňská ulice 58, 561 12 Brandýs nad Orlicí
Czech Republic

Call us

+420 465 544 207