Conditions of acceptance

Our medical device has a nationwide scope, throughout which we provide comprehensive rehabilitative care. The patient is recommended for entrance into the facility on the basis of a recommendation of an attending physician (rehabilitation physician, orthopaedist, neurologist, surgeon, rheumatologist or general practitioner). Written recommendations (requests) sent from inpatient or outpatient medical facilities must comply with our terms of admission to the Institute and may then be approved by the Rehabilitation Institute's head physician. The patient will be informed of the possible entrance date to the Institute by mail or telephone; for this reason we welcome a telephone number where we may contact the patient. A direct transfer from bed to bed is available upon request. Entrance and departure days are typically Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The standard length of a stay at the Institute is 3-4 weeks.

Conditions for admission to our facility:

- Overall stabilized condition – without acute infections, and the patient must be internally capable of rehabilitation (we recommend an internal examination for patients at risk)
- A stable operation wound (unless agreed otherwise)
- For patients in postoperative care, the degree of burden must be indicated 
- We welcome the patient's latest X-ray, CT, and MRI images or description
- Contraindications for hydrotherapy treatments are incontinence, urinary catheters and skin defects (e.g. bedsores), etc.
- Long-term medications – must be brought for the entire duration of stay
- Orthopaedic and prosthetic aids – crutches, brace, etc.
- At least partial self-sufficiency during normal daily operations

Necessary documents:

- Release (transfer) report from an appropriate medical facility, or recommendation by the outpatient physician and requisition of type "K" for hospitalization
- Identity card, health insurance card
- Confirmation of incapacity (if the patient is already incapacitated before admission)


- Home wear, clothing for exercise
- Footwear for home and rehabilitation with a fixed heel
- Swimsuit, bathing cap, bathrobe
- Nightwear
- Toiletries, towels


We do not recommend that patients wear or bring valuables or large sums of money.

Contact for ordering patients to inpatient rehabilitation:

Assistants to the Director: R. Švecová, P. Klementová
Tel: +420 465 544 031
Reception: +420 465 544 206 - 7, Fax: +420 465 544 030 

If an ordered patient is not able to enter for medical treatment, please inform us immediately! We will be able to provide treatment to other patients. 

We believe that a rehabilitation stay with us improves the health of our patients, and that they will be satisfied with our rehabilitation Institute.

Where to find us?

Lázeňská ulice 58, 561 12 Brandýs nad Orlicí
Czech Republic

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