The Present

The Brandýs nad Orlicí Rehabilitation Institute has a nationwide scope with a capacity of 170 beds, including several superbly equipped rooms for disabled guests. The Institute's current program includes the rehabilitation of patients after injuries and operations of the musculoskeletal system, patients with diseases of the neurological system, and patients with spine and joints are also admitted.

An individual treatment plan is developed for each patient, which is adjusted to the patient's current health condition and based on repeated medical examinations.

In 2006, the Rehabilitation Institute won the prestigious quality certification of an accredited medical facility, thus greatly enhancing the prestige of our institution.

Rehabilitation consists of complex electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, a swimming pool, gyms, and occupational therapy on individual and group therapeutic physical education.

The electrotherapy program includes medical devices with all types of electric currents including electrostimulation and electrogymnastics as well as a pulse magnetic field, a large bioptron lamp and ultrasound instrumentation. Physical therapy also includes the application of laser and instrument compression treatment.

Hydrotherapy offers underwater massage, full body and limb whirlpools, bubble and additive baths and a four-chamber galvanic bath.

Individual rehabilitation takes place in separate exercise areas. We offer classic and reflexology massages, including foot sole reflexology. Individual therapeutic exercise is carried out using different methodologies (e.g. Vojta, Kabat, Bobath, McKenzie, Brügger, Schrottova, Mojžíšová, and more). Also used are mobilization and manipulation techniques, soft tissue techniques, lymph drainage, sensomotory stimulation, exercises with flexible strokes and the SET TerapiMaster concept.

Group therapeutic exercise takes place in a large gym and a small gym, with such exercises as the physioball, the SM system, and hydrokineziotherapy in the pool.

Relaxation Zone

Two relaxation zones have been built to make the patients' stays more pleasant. The first zone, the "Red Sea" is an example of exotic fauna and flora of the water world, where you can admire the diversity of coral reefs, plants and fish. This aquarium has a total volume of 900 l of water.

The second zone, the "Amazon Jungle" is both diverse and harmonious. A tropical aquarium is located here as well with numerous exotic fish with a capacity of 850 l of water. Another aquarium is inhabited by "red-eared slider turtles". An aviary with blue-fronted Amazon parrots will draw your attention. Resting patients are lulled with a sensation of jungle areas by both plant decorations and relaxing music with sounds of the rain forest.

In addition to the inpatient care, there is also a rehabilitation and surgical clinic here. The range of procedures carried out includes minor surgical procedures as well as the correction of facial wrinkles using Botox and Juvedérm.

The original spa water supply was re-opened, as was the reservoir with its slightly medicinal mineral water. Clients can take meals in the elegant renovated dining room as well as enjoy sitting in the newly reconstructed café. Our facility also offers the possibility to use a computer free of charge with internet connection. Our clients can enjoy the sprawling spa park for walking and relaxing, part of the Rehabilitation Institute and together with the Tichá Orlice River and the entire picturesque surroundings of the village, falls within the Orlice Protected Landscape Areas and Nature Park.

Where to find us?

Lázeňská ulice 58, 561 12 Brandýs nad Orlicí
Czech Republic

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